Registration Details

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The School is open to everyone.

As a prerequisite to attending the complete course, it is asked to:

  • Provide a motivation letter;
  • Have a meeting with Beppe Mokuza Signoritti and Alain Plaignaud, respectively Honorary President and President of the School.

The delay for accessing the training is given by the closest seminar date following registration, which is suitable for the trainee and which offers an available place. Any training cursus can start at any seminar in the program, thanks to the individualization of the training.

An attestation signed by the legal representatives is required for minors.

Rules of Procedure Sumi-e School 2021-2022

Reading the Rules of Procedures

General Terms and Conditions Sumi-e School 2021-2022

… and signing the General Terms and Conditions of Sales is required for all the participants.


The amount for year 2021-2021 is €2.400. The terms of payment are described in the Rules of Procedures, in particular the possibilities of payment in installments.

For listeners, the amount of each seminar is indicated on the seminar Details page, that can be accessed through the Schedule page.