Registration Details

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The School is open to everyone.

There is no required level. However, as a prerequisite for enrollment in the full course, the following is required:

  • Provide a motivation letter;
  • Have a meeting with Beppe Mokuza Signoritti and Alain Plaignaud, respectively Honorary President and President of the School.

Upon acceptance, a complete file will be sent with the registration form.

Please note that it is preferable to attend a workshop with one of the School’s teachers before enrolling in the course, in order to have a first concrete experience of the School.

Delay for Accessing the Training

The delay for accessing the training is given by the closest seminar date following registration, which is suitable for the trainee and which offers an available place. Any training cursus can start at any seminar in the program, thanks to the individualization of the training.

Minor People

An attestation signed by the legal representatives is required for minors.

People with Disabilities

An interview prior to registration, conducted by the disability advisor, allows us to methodically address the various situations encountered during the activities, where the person could be disabled. At the end of the interview, a decision is made on the feasibility of compensation or environmental adaptation in coordination with the pedagogical and logistical teams.

Preliminary Documents

Rules of Procedure Sumi-e School 2021-2022

Reading the Rules of Procedures

General Terms and Conditions Sumi-e School 2021-2022

… and signing the General Terms and Conditions of Sales is required for all the participants.


Complete cursus

The amount for year 2023-2024 is €2.600. The terms of payment are described in the Rules of Procedures, in particular the possibilities of payment in installments. This amount covers:

  • Sumi-e teaching during the seminars (200 hours per year);
  • Meditation during the seminars (110 hours per year);
  • Follow-up of personal work on sumi-e;
  • Lectures during the seminars;
  • Pictures, videos, documents on traditional Chinese and Japanese cultures related to painting;
  • 1:1 scale models;
  • Sumi-e materials during the seminars (inks, papers);
  • Meditation materials during the seminars;
  • Rental of classrooms;
  • Dojo rental;
  • Tea, coffee, cookies after breakfast and lunch and during breaks;
  • School management (no application fee, except in case of financing).

Please note that meals and lodging, when offered, are in addition to the teaching package. The amounts are indicated in the Details of each seminar, accessible from the list of seminars in the Program (click on the title of a seminar to access its details).

Listeners (Leisure)

For listeners, the amount of each seminar is indicated on the seminar Details page, that can be accessed through the Program page (click on the title of a seminar to access its details).

Depending on the seminar, it is possible to come to all or part of the seminar (weekend, day(s), half-day(s)). The amount of each option is also indicated in the Detail page.