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Classes at the School are given in seminars of 5 or 9 days throughout the year, in various locations.

The 5 day seminars given at Versailles also address the theory of sumi-e.
The 5 or 9 day seminars outside Versailles are exclusively focused on practice.
All seminars offer zen meditation, in the morning before sumi-e, in the evening after sumi-e.

Practice is based on repeating models, in a gradation designed to fit into the school duration, i.-e. on 4 years. For more information about the painting method itself, you may visit What is sumi-e by Beppe Mokuza.

Program International School of Sumi-e 2023-2024

Download the detailed program of the School, which details the objectives and elements of progressiveness, the skills worked on, the main teachings, the dates and schedules of the year 2023-2024, the specificities of the teaching of sumi-e compared to that of Visual Arts, the specificities of the teaching at the School.

Upcoming Seminars

View the details (dates, location, schedule of days, activities, teachers, formulas offered, rates, registration, reception and possibly accommodation, etc.) of each workshop or seminar, by clicking on the corresponding summary in the list below.

Workshop 19-25/08/2024

Bodai Dojo Via Fratelli Ambrogio 25, Alba, CN, Italie +1 more

Workshop of Sumi-e Painting and Zen Meditation given by Beppe Mokuza at Alba, CN Italy, 19-25 of August 2024


Workshop 26-30/10/2024

Alain's Workshop 2 TER rue de Savoie, Versailles, France

Sumi-e painting workshop from October 26 to 30, 2024, in Versailles, participation is possible by half day or full day.


Workshop 18-22/12/2024

Sumi-e painting workshop from December 18 to 22, 2024, in France, venue still to be defined.

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Under construction

Certain dates or conditions may be modified to take into account sanitary restrictions ruling a workshop location.

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