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“From a Chinese origin, this method of China ink painting called sumi-e was introduced in Japan by Zen monks more than five centuries ago. With a simple brush, an ink bar, an inkstone and rice paper, we focus our attention on the present moment. We let go of our thoughts, we eliminate the tensions of the body, thanks to a good posture and a correct breathing. This way of painting can unveil the creativity of who is practicing it, making him/her more sensitive, more attentive and more harmonious in the acceptance of oneself, of others as well as of one’s own difficulties; also putting in touch with the source of life that resides in oneself. Students work together in harmony and concentration, in a calm and quiet atmosphere. There is no competition for a result; it is a work of patience that aims to refine the sensitivity of each, to reach a defined characteristic of its own expressive mode and the fluidity of the gesture, as if producing a flower, a rock, a bamboo emanated almost naturally from our own body.”

After Beppe Mokuza

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